Safety Management Systems (SMS) Resources

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What is a Safety Management System (SMS)?
A: A SMS defines how operational safety should be managed and integrated into an organization’s business activities. A well developed and implemented SMS keeps the safety message consistent, interesting, and always out front.
An SMS will help you understand the risks inherent within your business. Armed with this understanding, you can continuously evaluate your business for hazards that may increase risk, and do something about them.

Q: What is the goal of Safety 1st SMS Resources?
A: To provide basic resources for the development and implementation of a complete safety management program specific to your operation.

Q: Do you have to be a NATA member to access these resources?
A: Yes. These resource materials are provided free of charge as a benefit of NATA membership.

Q: What resources are available?
A: A comprehensive safety management guide based on industry best practices and procedures that can be customized to your organization. The guide contains links to downloadable, customizable forms that may be used in your SMS program.

Q: What types of business can utilize an SMS?
A: The following types of business would benefit from this program:
-Fixed Base Operators
-Ground handlers
-Charter Operators (Part 135 or Part 91)
-Maintenance Facilities

Q: What are the financial benefits for an aviation business?
A: By improving your safety performance you will reduce out-of-pocket costs for small “hangar rash” type accidents, eliminate one or more insurance deductible payments and ultimately lower premiums. This program provides a data-driven approach to safety that will positively affect your bottom line.

Q: How does the SMS improve operational safety?
A: Aviation, in its many forms, has inherent risk; how well we manage that risk is what moves this industry forward and attracts more customers. Once the elements of the SMS are integrated into your company’s culture, then, and only then, can you become a truly superior organization - one that operates on more than just plain luck. SMS is a dynamic program that continuously provides its members with the most current safety practices and procedures.