Initial IS-BAH Auditor Accreditation
The IBAC qualifications and experience standards that must be demonstrated by applicants for initial accreditation as IS-BAH auditors are as follows:
1. Working knowledge of the aviation handling provisions of civil air regulations and International Civil Aviation Organization standards and recommended practices;
2. Working knowledge of aviation handling management;
3. A minimum of five years experience in aviation handling;
4. Submission of a course completion certificate for an ISO, ASQ, or equivalent audit course or provide proof of substantial experience in aviation safety auditing;
5. Completion of both "Fundamentals of IS-BAH" and "IS-BAH Auditing Workshops" within the previous two calendar years;
6. Provision of evidence of experience in safety management systems; and
7. Demonstration of excellent written and oral communication skills
Auditor Initial Accreditation Process
The following describes the IS-BAH auditor accreditation requirements and process:
1. Auditor applicants must complete and submit the Accredited Auditor Application form (see link below)
2. Upon receipt, the application will be reviewed by the Audit Manager.
3. If the applicant clearly demonstrates that they meet the prerequisites, the Audit Manager may accept the application and inform the applicant.
4. If the Audit Manager is not fully satisfied that the applicant meets the prerequisites, he/she will send the application to the Audit Review Group which will render a determination on the application.
5. The Audit Manager will then advise the applicant of the final decision and request that the applicant register for both the Fundamentals of IS-BAH and the IS-BAH Auditing workshops.
The Initial Auditor Accreditation Fee is $2,500 (USD) and includes:
  • Registration in both the Fundamentals of IS-BAH and IS-BAH Auditing Workshops,
  • IS-BAH and Audit Procedures Manuals
  • IS-BAH auditor accreditation,
  • Listing on IBAC website, and
  • Auditor credentials
Apply for Initial Auditor Accreditation Here (you will be re-directed to the IBAC website application page)
Click here for a list of IS-BAH Accredited Auditors (you will be re-directed to the IBAC website)