Self-Fueling and Ramp Safety Training* (Self-Fueling Online)
NATA Safety 1st's industry standard safety training is now available to businesses and organizations that operate aircraft and perform self-fueling. The Self-Fueling & Ramp Safety Training program is based upon the renowned Safety 1st Professional Line Service Training and allows businesses to train their team to the same standards for refueling and safety as used by the most successful FBOs.

Module 2: Safety
  • Introduction to Safety
  • Personal Safety and Servicing Dangers
  • Aircraft Care and Handling
  • Aircraft Marshaling and Hand Signals
  • Aircraft Servicing Safety
  • Refueling Safety
  • Mobile Refuelers
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Airport Vehicle Operations
  • Seasonal Operations
  • Examination
Module 5: Fuel Farm Management
  • Introduction to Fuel Farm Management
  • Routine Fuel Farm Management
  • Advanced Management of Fuel Farms
  • Management of Refuelers
  • Examination
Module 3: General Fuel Servicing
  • Introduction to General Fuel Servicing
  • Fuel Products and Aircraft Types
  • Procedures and Equipment
  • Examination
Module 7: Fire Safety
  • Introduction to Fire Safety
  • Recognizing Fires and Extinguishing Agents
  • Fighting Fires
  • Minimizing Fire Risk
  • Examination


* This course does not satisfy the requirements of 14 CFR §139.321(b)(1) through (b)(6) and §139.321 (e)(2) OR 14 CFR §139.321(b)(1) through (b)(6) and §139.321 (e)(1). The student will not be provided with Fire Safety certificates - this is a basic safety course, not the FAA Approved training course.