Additional Resources

Aircraft Ground Service Online (AGSO)

The popular Aircraft Ground Service Online has been updated and expanded to include vital ground servicing details on the general aviation aircraft that visit your ramps. The best part is the aircraft details that are available 24/7 online and will include the most up-to-date specifications along with pictures and videos of critical refueling and towing details.

The Safety Net, NATA's Safety 1st Program Blog

This blog is a new and interactive way for you, the Safety 1st participant or NATA member, to stay up-to-date with the program. We will share thoughts on safety and training issues, helpful hints, and tips for using Safety 1st training more effectively. You won't just hear from the Safety 1st team, the rest of the NATA team as well as a few recognized safety and training experts from across our industry are on board as contributors.  

Operational Best Practices (OBPs)

Our ground operational Best Practices were developed by industry experts on NATA's Safety 1st Committee, who bring together many years of aviation experience. The recommendations provide best practice guidance; however, each FBO must develop specific and clear guidance with procedures applicable to its own operation and associated risks.  

Flight Crew Briefings

This briefing is a customized online training tool that provides pilots and other flight crew members flying into and out of airports access to critical safety information, including its location, layout, operations, regulations, and safety and security procedures.

NATA's Committees

Member-based committees play an important role in achieving an effective and progressive NATA and are a vital part of the association's operations. Get involved with committees that are the backbone of NATA and make a difference in our industry.