Aircraft Flight Coordinator Training (AFCT Online)
The Aircraft Flight Coordinator Training (AFCT) sets a new standard in training for schedulers, dispatchers and all of those within your organization who participate in flight planning and release processes. AFCT is a certification program that provides core flight coordinator knowledge with an emphasis on safety and technical expertise to assist crews with in-depth flight planning.

Module 1: Introduction and Ground Service
  • Overview of the Flight Coordinator Function
  • Operational Control 
Module 4: Weather
  • Weather Theory
  • Weather Products
  • Weather Charts 
Module 2: Safety
  • Airspace
  • Exploring Enroute and Terminal Charts
  • Flight Planning 
Module 5: Airport, Runways & Performance
  • Airport Analysis
  • Runway Lengths, Declared Distances and Weight Barriers
  • Takeoff and Climbing Performances
  • Cruise and Landing Performances
  • Weight and Balances 
Module 3: Regulations & Requirements
  • Ops Specs
  • Part 91
  • Part 91K
  • Part 135 
Module 6: AFCT Resource Management
  • Resource Management