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LifeLine Response Platform

In an increasingly dangerous world, it's more important than ever that aircraft operators assure their passengers and pilots are safe. LifeLine Response's smartphone-based global safety platform provides situational awareness and on-demand protection for passengers and pilots in dangerous or vulnerable situations worldwide.

This personal safety platform saves lives:
  • Global Threat Analysis : Geopolitical instability, local security, terrorism, disease and kidnap/ransom threats sourced directly from International Government agencies and threat analysts. 
  • Critical Response Verification Center (CRVC): Global call centers staffed by security threat professionals ensure users are in safe hands. 
  • Emergency Response Plan Integration: The LifeLine Response enterprise platform is the perfect complement to the Safety 1st Digital ERS.
  • Geo-Fenced Mass Communication: Communicate relevant threats or updates based on geographic location down to street level. 
  • Live Heat Map: Monitor real-time movement of users on the map, and use predictive analytics to forecast trends and locate where assistance may be needed. 
  • Analytics & History: Identify user trends and forensic details in the event of an incident. 
The LifeLine Response Platform is entrusted by Fortune 500 companies and organizations with a mobile workforce throughout the U.S.

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