Executive Management
Gary Dempsey - Bio

Chief Operating Officer, General Counsel

Vice President of Aircraft Management, Air Charter Services and MROs

Ellen Miller
Assistant Manager, Operations

Vice President, Government & Public Affairs
Marketing, Communications & Events
Shannon Chambers
Managing Director, Marketing & Communications

Jake T. Legere
Director of Member Services

Karissa Uko
Director of Events

Courtney Bishop
Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Government & Industry Affairs
John McGraw
Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

Megan Eisenstein
Director, Regulatory Affairs

Senior Advisor, Regulatory Affairs (Air Charter)

Senior Advisor, Regulatory Affairs (Maintenance)

Senior Advisor, Regulatory Affairs (Security)

Member Education & Safety
Mike France
Managing Director, Safety & Training

Steve Berry
Trainer & Content Manager
Operations, Membership, & Finance
Kimberly Blankenship
Manager, Finance & Membership

Alexandra Connole
Director of Member Relations