Regulated Garbage Online Training
NATA's Safety 1st Regulated Garbage Online Training will familiarize employees with the definition and purpose of regulated garbage, procedures for disposal of aircraft regulated garbage, procedures for handling regulated garbage spills and the training requirements for handling regulated garbage.

During this training, students will learn about the USDA APHIS requirements as they relate to aircraft catering/cleaning. The course provides the learning of those specific requirements that would enable a flight department manager to set up and manage a compliance agreement with USDA APHIS.
By completing the course and separately establishing the compliance agreement, the applicable portions of
Title 7 CRF Part 330.400 - 330.403 and Title 9 Code of Federal Regulations 94.5 will be complied with.    

Module 1: Regulated Garbage Overview & Training 
Regulated Garbage Module
  • Introduction
  • Regulated Garbage Operations
  • Training Requirements and Documentation
  • Conclusion & Exam