Exclusive Program for Charter Operators and Part 91 Flight Departments | Loss of License Insurance

NATA partnered with Harvey Watt & Co. to bring an exclusive Loss of License Insurance program to Part 135, Part 125, Part 91K and Part 91 operators.

Harvey Watt & Co. began the first Loss of License Insurance program in 1951 to protect professional pilots and their families from devastating financial loss due to disability. They currently manage the Loss of License Insurance programs for the major airlines.

This exclusive NATA program delivers:

o Loss of license insurance which covers pilots who lose their FAA medicals providing them income replacement during this period.

o Lower group rates leveraging our nearly 1,000 charter operators

o A la carte plan options can be employer or employee paid

o Comparable plans to commercial airline offerings

o FAA Medical Certification Services at no additional charge

By enrolling in this exclusive program, you now have the means to further protect and retain your pilots — a crucial advantage during these challenging times of pilot staffing.

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Program administered by AP Aerospace Programs on behalf of NATA.