HazMat Will Not Carry Online Training
NATA's Safety 1st HazMat Will Not Carry Online Training will give employees an understanding of definitions and terms related to hazardous materials, make them familiar with the hazardous materials regulations and standards, recognize the difference between will carry and will not carry operations and help identify different classifications and markings associated with hazardous materials.

During the HazMat Not Will Carry and HazMat Will Carry training, students will learn about the applicable requirements of Title 49 CFR Parts 171-180 which delineates classification, packaging, hazcom, emergency reporting, training, transport, incident reporting and security.
Title 49 is Transportation (US_DOT). Subchapter C has the Hazardous Materials Regulations referred to as HMR. Subpart C contains those HMR Parts 171-180 and HMR Part 175 for aircraft is the focal point of this training.      

Module 1: HazMat Will Not Carry Overview & Training 
Will Not Carry Module
  • Introduction
  • Hazardous Materials Definitions and Regulations
  • Hazardous Materials Classifications
  • Conclusion & Exam