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FCC Rulemaking on Emergency Locator Transmitters


FCC Rulemaking on Emergency Locator Transmitters

March 26, 2013

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has issued proposed rules that could affect the use of Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELT) that broadcast solely on 121.5 MHz. The FCC’s proposed rules would ban the manufacture, sale and importation of any ELT that broadcasts solely on 121.5 MHz. Additionally, the FCC stated that its ultimate goal is a prohibition on the use of those ELTs. The FCC noted in a recent meeting with industry that it believes it could include such a ban when finalizing this proposed rule.


The FCC has very little data regarding the impact such a ban on the use of existing 121.5 ELTs would have on general aviation and small businesses. As part of its formal comments to the FCC, NATA intends to provide specific information and data on the impact such a ban would have.

The association has developed a simple member survey to assist in gathering data regarding the impact that a ban on 121.5 ELTs would have. If you or your company own or operate aircraft, we ask that you take 10 minutes and complete the member survey by clicking on the link below. The data obtained through this survey will be vital in developing the association’s comments to the FCC.

To complete the NATA Member Survey on 121.5 MHz ELTS, visit

For additional information on this issue, please contact:
Michael France
Director, Regulatory Affairs