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Membership Update - Contract Tower Program


Membership Update

March 19, 2013

Senate leadership has blocked Senator Jerry Moran’s (R-KS) amendment from being considered on the Senate floor during debate on the Continuing Funding Resolution. As you know, the Continuing Funding Resolution provides funding for the federal government through September 30th of this year. The Moran amendment seeks to stop the FAA’s plans to shutter the contract tower program under the sequestration (automatic cuts) process.

As a result of a strong grassroots effort, the Moran amendment has 26 bipartisan cosponsors in the Senate (including 14 Democrats and 12 Republicans). NATA and other aviation organizations have all worked and advocated for a common sense approach to reducing federal spending under sequestration, including equitable reductions in the contract tower program. Unfortunately, it appears at this point that the contract tower program has been caught in the larger political budget battle going on in Washington.

Although his options are limited because of Senate procedural rules, Senator Moran and others continue to push for a Senate floor vote.

If the Moran amendment is not included in the final Continuing Funding Resolution, currently being debated in the Senate, the FAA will announce this Friday, March 22nd, the closing of nearly 200 contract towers across the country.