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Contact Governor Brown Today In Support of SB 619

August 31, 2011


NATA’s sponsored bill SB 619 (Fuller) is heading to the Governor.  NATA, on behalf of its members, has worked diligently to obtain long-term relief from the regulations issued by the Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education (pursuant to AB 48, Chapter 310, Statutes of 2009) that are crippling to the flight training community.  SB 619 contains an exemption from the regulations for any flight instructor or flight training facility that:

  • Does not require upfront payment of tuition of fees in exchange for training, and
  • Does not require students to sign a contract of indebtedness in exchange for training

Students will still be able to purchase “block time” in amounts up $2500.

NATA is calling on members for one last push and call to action.  Now is the time to contact the Governor’s Office and urge a signature on SB 619. NATA requests that members and other interested individuals fax a letter to the Governor and call his office today.

California Governor’s Office Contact Information:
Phone – (916) 445-2841
Fax – (916) 558-3160

Click here for a sample letter to fax to Governor Brown.

Click here for talking points in support of SB 619.

Please contact Governor Brown today and ask him to sign SB 619 without delay.

NATA’s legislative and grassroots efforts in California, to find relief for flight training business, are close to success. However, your support is still needed. Consider making a donation to NATA’s California Flight Training Fund to help offset some of the costs of this battle.

Staff Contact:  Michael France
Director of Regulatory Affairs

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