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California Legislative Effort

California Legislative Effort

September 1, 2010

Yesterday afternoon, NATA learned that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger intends to veto either of the two bills (AB 1140 and AB 1889) currently in the California legislature offering a delay in compliance for flight training providers from regulations issued by the California Bureau of Private Post Secondary Education. The governor’s promised veto does not stem from the delay in compliance provided to flight training but rather from other portions of the bills unrelated to flight training.

Because of the promised veto, the compromise bill that was amended earlier this week (AB 1140) was no longer necessary and the legislature acted upon AB 1889.  AB 1889 was passed by the legislature, and is now headed to the governor’s desk where NATA believes it will be vetoed.

A veto at this point is hard to accept, and NATA is not ready to end the fight to ensure that flight training facilities receive an opportunity to address this issue.

NATA will now begin the challenging process of getting language providing a delay passed through the legislature during the upcoming special legislative session. NATA will continue to provide updates to its members and the industry in general.


Michael France
Director, Regulatory Affairs
National Air Transportation Association

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