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Statement - Arizona to Consider Regulating Flight Training

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Arizona to Consider Regulating Flight Training

NATA has learned that the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education will meet on Thursday, August 26, to consider regulating flight training conducted under Part 61 as a “Private Vocational Program.” The board will meet in public session, although it is unclear at this point if comments on the regulation of flight training will be accepted. A copy of the board’s agenda is available here (Note item VII(A), Questions of Regulation of Classifications of Airplane Pilot and Instructors under Part 61 of the CFR).

The Arizona regulations governing postsecondary education are not new. Under the current regulations, training conducted under Part 141 is specifically exempted, and training under Part 61 is not regulated by way of interpretation. The purpose of the board’s meeting is to evaluate whether that interpretation is correct. NATA is submitting formal comments to the board that are expected to be posted on tomorrow.

NATA believes that any regulation by states of flight training must take into account the vast diversity in both operations and structure of the industry. NATA is working diligently in the state of California to ensure that regulations there do not irreparably harm the flight training industry. NATA is dedicated to pursuing the same goal in Arizona.

For More Information Please Contact:
Michael France
Director, Regulatory Affairs