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NATA Needs Your Support Of AB 1140 To Prevent Closure Of CA Flight Schools

What’s at Issue
Rules issued by the California Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) threaten to harm California flight schools irreparably.  Assembly Bill 1140 (AB 1140) will be amended this week by Assemblyman Roger Niello to provide a delay in implementation, for flight training, of these rules.  Ensuring passage of AB 1140 requires your support!

Why It’s Important
Without the delay in implementation offered by AB 1140, the rules issued by the BPPE will go into effect at the beginning of August and flight schools wanting to remain in operation in the state will have to submit to stiff fees and other onerous requirements as detailed in NATA’s May 6, 2010 regulatory report.  The delay offered by AB 1140 will provide the time needed for the California legislature to work with the flight training industry to understand more fully the issues with compliance and to develop a working long-term solution.

What to Do
NATA urges all of its California members and others concerned about the outcome of this issue to contact their Assemblyman and State Senators and ask for support of AB 1140.  The links below provide a letter that can be edited and sent to your Assemblyman and Senator as well as a tool to help you determine who your representatives are and their mailing addresses.

Address information for your representatives is available by clicking here.

Sample letter to send to your Assemblyman and Senator.

Please fax your letter to all your representatives as soon as possible.  Also, NATA requests that you fax us a copy of your letters so we may maintain a file for upcoming hearings on AB 1140.

It is imperative that you contact your representatives this week!  The California legislature goes on recess beginning July 2.

NATA Position
NATA fully supports AB 1140 and believes that its passage and signing by Governor Schwarzenegger is the best means to ensure that California flight training facilities are not forced to close due to the rules issued by the BPPE.  NATA stands ready to work closely with the legislature during the delay period to find workable long-term solutions to these issues.

The California legislature is scheduled to be in session only until the end of August.

ACT NOW, time is limited!

Staff Contact:  Michael France
Director, Regulatory Affairs

View Action Call in PDF format.