Frequently Asked Questions

What type of payment do you accept?  
We accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express credit cards. 
Is it safe to use my credit card online?
Yes. Your card information is encrypted and cannot be read by others during transmission. Our servers use the industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to protect your information. These safeguards make your transaction safe and reliable.    
How do I purchase online training if my company is NOT a NATA Member?
Please call the Safety 1st department at (202) 774-1535 so we can start the set-up process.   
How do I purchase online training if my company IS a NATA Member?
If you are a new NATA Member, please wait at least 3 days before purchasing to allow time for your log-in information to be updated. After which, you can create a Safety 1st profile by using your NATA credentials and purchase immediately by going to our purchase page. If you need any assistance, please contact the Safety 1st team at (202) 774-1535.  
Is there a discount for multiple employee registrants?
Yes. Please visit our pricing page for more information.
How can I contact someone regarding a problem with my account?
Please email our Safety 1st team at or call (202) 774-1535.
Why should I choose online training?
Online training introduces flexibility, automated student tracking, increased learning retention, dynamic content and randomized testing into traditional line service training programs, ultimately improving line service efficiency and productivity.
Do I need to do online training if I did the video PLST training?
Yes. We no longer accept any certification requests from the video PLST training. We have transitioned the program into an online training access that continually is revised and updated.
What is the different between initial and recurrent training?
If your student has never taken the online PLST course they need to be assigned initial training. Once certified, we require that student get recurrent training every two years which comes with new PLST and Fire Safety Certificates. To view the cost difference between initial and recurrent please visit our pricing page.
What version of browser works best?
The program will support Internet Explorer (recommended), FireFox for PC and Safari for Mac.
Any special programs needed other than the browser?
Yes. Your system must have plug-ins for Macromedia flash and shockwave. The software will detect if the plug-in is installed and provide a link if not.
The second requirement is Adobe Reader as all the additional best practices and procedures are in PDF format and will require printing using Adobe Reader. Download Adobe Reader (free)
What security settings on the browser are recommended?
Most default settings will work. You MUST TURN OFF all pop-up blockers (this includes the pop-up blockers linked to each toolbar at the top of your browser page, i.e. Google toolbar, or any other search toolbars).
Some suggestions to help your training run smoothly:
- Delete the browsing history (located under your browser tools)
- Try training on a different computer
Does the training use streaming video?
Yes. We stream flash, mp3s and video (.flv - flash video)
What kind of bandwidth is needed to run the training effectively?
It runs best on a high-speed connection; DSL, T! or cable all work fine. We do not recommend trying to train using a dial up connection.
Will users need to print?
Yes, a printer will be needed but it is recommended that the Administrator/trainer print the training resources for all students to read and access. The PLST training resources include the Aircraft Ground Service Online (AGSO), Trainer's Guide, Fire Safety Manual and PLST PDF documents shown periodically throughout the online lessons highlighting specific best practices and procedures.
What is the Aircraft Guide Service Online (AGSO)?
We no longer publish or sell the Aircraft Ground Service Guide (AGSG). We have transitioned the AGSG to an online access subscription. The AGSO has nearly every detail required to service the general aviation aircraft that land at your operation. If you don't find line drawings, fueling panel shots/videos and towing information, please know we will continue to upload this information as it becomes available.
All Safety 1st participants have access to the AGSO using their online training credentials. If you are not a participating company but would like to subscribe, please call (202) 774-1535 or email
How do I find out more information about all training offered by NATA Safety 1st?
Please visit our Education and Training web page for more information.
What training resources accompany the online courses?
An online training resource page has been developed for participating companies. All ancillary training references and guides are included for downloading or printing for both students and administrators/trainers. This page contains the Trainer's Guide, Fire Safety Manual and all PLST Online PDF references and checklists.